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Vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option for both residential and commercial settings. It is a synthetic material chosen due to its affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance. Dream Vinyl Flooring is a rising star in the industry based in Singapore. Here at Dream Vinyl Flooring, you will discover the best and largest collection of high-quality vinyl flooring, giving their customers a wide variety of design options and styles from which to choose. 

Beyond What You See, Dreams Made into Reality! You can have peace of mind knowing that you can obtain premium quality floors suitable for your requirements since the staff there is not just dedicated but also courteous and knowledgeable. We have a mission to deliver dedicated customer service and product quality. Our team works hard to give nothing but the best, beginning with the pre-consultation to the after-sales services.

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Why Dream Vinyl Flooring

Dream Vinyl Flooring is a one-stop vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore that will assist you every step of your flooring journey. Since its establishment, we have been setting the standard for modern home flooring solutions. We have more to offer than simply a pleasing aesthetic. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results of our efforts. We provide the necessary flooring solutions listed below to fulfill all of your demands and get the task done correctly.

Dream Vinyl Flooring Singapore Professional and Certified

Professional and Certified

Certifications are necessary to determine the long-term durability of vinyl flooring. Dream Vinyl Flooring is a professional and certified company in the flooring industry of Singapore. Each of our vinyl flooring options is safe for the environment. Our flooring product is not hazardous to your health and do not cause any pollution that would harm the environment.


When engaging Dream Vinyl Flooring, you will be sure to get the most out your of money. We implement a well-thought-out strategic plan to provide our customers with high-quality materials and expertise at affordable pricing. We are certain that our prices are the most competitive in the market. In addition, our solutions are offered promptly, and we work hard to ensure only the best work is delivered.

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Dream Vinyl Flooring Singapore Custom Vinyl Design

Custom Design

Vinyl Flooring can be very comfortable and pleasing to the eye. We design and build any kind of vinyl flooring according to your specifications. We are always innovating to fulfill the requirements of our clients. We make exceptional alternative for customers searching for something innovative, simple, and economical.

We are always looking for new and innovative ideas for vinyl flooring for our clients. We are certain that our vinyl flooring can give the distinctive look that you want for your dream home.


Deam Vinyl Flooring has over 20 years of experience in creating durable vinyl flooring. Our flooring specialists more than 30 years of flooring experience.

Our years of expertise in the industry distinguish us from our competitors. Our experts will be able to provide advice customized to your needs. Simply share your plan and they will be able to advice and assist in making a better-informed choice about your desired home.

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Dream Vinyl Flooring Singapore Variety of Selection

Variety of Selection

Transform your home with stylish and durable vinyl floors! Your house will have an entirely new appearance with the placement of vinyl flooring. Dream Vinyl Flooring has a wide variety of selections and they come in various patterns. You will be spoilt for choice!

We add a touch of liveliness to your residence and give you a creative environment and feel with various broad vinyl flooring patterns and size.

Passionate Designers

Everyone wants to feel entirely comfortable in their home as well as their place of work. Be rest assured that our passionate designers will provide just that. Our designers at Dream Vinyl Flooring will carefully evaluate the design, giving you a peace of mind that it is flawless in every way. 

Our skilled professionals guarantee exceptional workmanship and reliable service. They are driven by the objective of offering customers the highest possible quality flooring options. They put forth a lot of effort to comprehend the requirements and concerns of their customers, and they achieve this by establishing close ties with both residential and commercial partners.

In Dream Vinyl Flooring, we encourage our staff members to develop their skills and achieve their full potential by providing them with opportunities for professional development and competitive benefits.

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