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What You Need to Know About Belgium Vinyl Flooring

People who have a fashion sense know how to decorate their homes. Interior designing is becoming popular to enhance home themes and styles. Various elements are utilized to make a house look spacious and airy. Flooring can massively impact your home design. With industrial advancement, we now have a variety of flooring options. Each flooring option has its unique properties. But the main concern is about the cost of buying and installation. If you are looking for a budget-friendly flooring choice, vinyl flooring is the best for your needs. Many Vinyl flooring suppliers in Singapore offer premium quality vinyl flooring. The use of PVC in flooring is no doubt creative.


You can find various qualities in vinyl flooring, like Korean or Belgium Vinyl Flooring. But what distinguishes them from the other types? If you are interested to learn more about it, keep reading on.

What is Belgium Vinyl Flooring?

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People are picky when it comes to the quality of flooring. We want the flooring to be manufactured by the best producers. We often read the label of made-in to assess the quality of the product. 

Similarly, various producers are popular in vinyl flooring due to optimum quality production. Belgium vinyl flooring is the manufacturing and production of vinyl flooring in Belgium. These made in Belgium products can be found from vinyl flooring suppliers in Singapore. Using innovative techniques and infusing the latest functionalities, Belgium vinyl flooring is grasped demand in Singapore. Here is what you need to know about Belgium vinyl flooring.

Features of Belgium Vinyl Flooring

In your floor shopping, you might scratch your head when a vinyl floor supplier in Singapore tells you this vinyl flooring is made in Belgium. You must be thinking how different it is from the rest? We have listed some of the features of Belgium Vinyl flooring, making your buying choice easier.

Innovative Designs and Customization

Years ago, we had limited styles and designs in flooring. Those have now become classic designs. In Belgium vinyl flooring, you can find unique designs of different sizes, shapes, and natural colour shades. One of the most stunning features is that some suppliers offer customized flooring. You can create your design and colour scheme to fit your home theme. 

Phthalate-free Flooring

As a PVC is synthetic manufacturing, phthalate chemicals are used as softeners and solvents. As these are harsh chemicals, they can cause harmful effects on human interaction. It is commonly used in flooring manufacturing. But Belgium vinyl flooring is concerned about the safety of the people. Their vinyl flooring is phthalate-free, providing an environmentally friendly flooring option for your living space like living room and bedrooms.

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Faster Installation

We don’t like to wait and add extra labour costs to install flooring. After all, we have to re-adjust our furniture as well. Belgium vinyl flooring comes with tongue and groove joints. The tiles or planks will click together, and you will not need to glue them down. Some types have an integrated underlayer, removing the need to level or rip off the sub-base floor. Its installation is user-friendly.

Better Soundproof

You can be irked by the constant sounds of footsteps. It also makes an impression that your flooring is not too strong. Belgium vinyl flooring is impacting absorbent and soundproof. They are perfect for heavy traffic areas. The unique soft-top layer absorbs sound and provides a soft underfoot feel. 

Scratch-Guard Technology

Some of the regular vinyl flooring types are not completely scratch-resistant. Homes with children or pets are prone to have dents or scratches. Although, experts suggest being careful and using padded furniture to avoid dents. But isn’t it annoying to be careful all the time? That can be tiring. Instead, you can opt for a flooring option that has scratch-guard technology. The added protective layers provide scratch-resistant properties to ensure you are worry-free. 

Better Flooring Stability

We all want a durable flooring option that does not require regular maintenance and repairs. People consider vinyl flooring an option because of its affordability, but it should have stability. Belgium vinyl flooring offers better stability due to added layers and higher-quality manufacturing material. Due to extreme weather conditions, some have fibreglass layer coating to resist heat expansion and contraction. 


You can connect to any vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore and can acquire Belgium vinyl flooring. Their expressive designs and premium quality are surely irresistible. If you have a design in mind, you can visualize your new room by consulting with a flooring expert. You will get the best features at the most affordable rates. 

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