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Not everyone has the perks of investing a wholesome amount in professional interior design. You might not have the chance to build your dream home. But there is always room for remodeling or renovation. Home renovation contractor Singapore is a popular option to enhance home comfort. Dream Vinyl Flooring is known to be the star in the design industry. Before you begin your contractor hunt, you must know what you want.

Renovation or Remodelling?

Do both the terms seem the same to you? Then you need to know the striking difference between the two for an informed decision. For professional designers, renovation and remodeling are separate design models. 

Remodeling involves a change of structure/layout. You might need a permit for remodeling, which can also be costly. It can include using space to create an additional room or so. 

Home Renovation Contractor Singapore Vinyl
Home Renovation Contractor Vinyl Flooring

Renovation is re-installation/upgrading or fixing existing structures to enhance the home look. It can include upgrading furniture, repainting, replacing floors with vinyl flooring in Singapore, and more. People often prefer DIY renovations, but sometimes it lacks fine finishing. With little to no knowledge, DIY renovation can become costly if not done correctly.

Finding Professional Home Renovation Contractor

Once you have understood the clear difference between renovation and remodeling, you can better communicate your concerns and design desires. Finding a competent renovation contractor is a challenging task. You will need to be vigilant in your choice and decisions. Here are a few tips that might help you in your contractor search. 

1. Define Your Remodeling Project

Before you connect with various home renovation contractor, you must be clear on what you want to remodel. Do you want to remodel the whole house or a specific room? Define your clear requirements and objectives. Do you want to add value to your home or increase aesthetic appeal? Pen down your concerns so you can communicate with the contractor meaningfully. Mention you’re clear, no, so the contractor knows the boundaries of your design preference. Connecting with a contractor without prior knowledge can lead to regretful decisions. 

2. Go On A Portfolio Hunt

You will find numerous contractors claiming to be top-rated. Ask your friends and family if they know a reliable home renovation contractor in Singapore. You might get a lead for a trustworthy contractor. Google for stellar contractors so you don’t have regrets and home nightmares. Once you have short-listed potential contractors, inquire about their portfolios. A portfolio is a clear reflection of professionalism and experience. Trust your instincts and choose the contractor that seems the most appealing to you. Always have a plan B in case the contractor does not turn out to be as reliable as his portfolio.

Home Renovation Contractor Singapore
Home Renovation Vinyl Flooring

3. Checklist for Identifying a Competent Home Renovation Contractor

Professional renovation contractors know the significance of updating their profiles and having the necessary documentation for authenticity. A competent contractor will have effective communication skills. He will be able to understand and use technical terms for your dream home design. He will add value to your current design preference and give you practical advice for design applications. Also, go through online feedback from his clients. 

A skilled contractor like Dream Vinyl Flooring will have a valid license and years of experience. He must be able to provide various guarantees or warranties for his work’s durability.


4. Get One-on-One Consultation

A reliable renovation contractor must be approachable. He must be readily available on calls or messages. This shows professionalism and honesty at work. Usually, some contractors offer free consultations. In the talk, the contractor must be able to give an overview of possible improvements and turnover time. Discuss the budget openly and inquire about any additional charges. Ask if any finances are offered. 

Your face-to-face consultation will help you decide how reliable the contractor is. Meet with multiple contractors to see who is the best for home renovation in Singapore.

5. Get Everything in Written

Once you are about to lock the deal, get everything in writing. During your consultation, you must be able to communicate and discuss renovation plans. Every clause must clearly state the preferred design. It should include a process timeline, dispute resolution, site plan, warranty, and more. 

The written contract will protect both the client and the contractor.

6. Connect with Dream Vinyl Flooring

There are certain known companies like Dream Vinyl Flooring for their premium vinyl flooring in Singapore. We offer flooring products and services. Our designers have exceptional coherent and creative skills that have helped people achieve their dream homes. With more than 20 years of industrial experience, Dream Vinyl Flooring has marked its name in the heart of Singapore. You will experience excellency and professionalism with our unmatched team. We go beyond your imagination and ignite the true meaning of a blissful home. 

Connect with our team to learn more about packages and services.

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