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Types of Vinyl Flooring You Need to Know

Transitioning a house into a home requires personalization. It will add comfort and relatability. When you return from work, your home should instantly take off your tiredness. Experts have revealed the benefits of improvising the home. When you add personal touches and appealing aesthetics, it will lift your mood and create a sense of relaxation. Among house interior design, flooring is of significant value. Your flooring choice can greatly affect the outlook of your home.

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There are various options and designs for flooring, from ceramic tiles to carpeting to porcelain and vinyl flooring. Vinyl Tiles Flooring in Singapore is becoming quite popular due to its various benefits over other flooring types. Depending upon your choice, need, and budget, you can further choose from the types of flooring in Singapore. If you are unfamiliar with the different types, here is a complete guide about vinyl flooring that will help you in your buying choice.

Types of Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

Vinyl tiles flooring comprises various material layers sandwiched together, making flooring material. There are majorly three different types of vinyl flooring. The difference comes in the way of material composition. It is preferred due to its exceptional benefits like affordability, durability, easy maintenance and water resistance. You can find both classy and trendy designs of all types.  Here are the types of vinyl tiles flooring in Singapore.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles were the most widely popular type of vinyl flooring. But now, the other newest types are more popular for installation. Vinyl tiles are composed of various thick layers making them more rigid and strong. The various layers are formed into a vinyl sheet using the hot press method. Later it is cut into tiles. The concept of vinyl tiles resembles the design and texture of ceramic, natural stone and realistic visuals. But the difference comes in material composition, cost and installation. You can find versatile designs in vinyl tiles. It has a durable finishing making it suitable for places like kitchens, bathrooms or houses with pets or children.

Installation of vinyl tiles is DIY-friendly. It is usually glued down to the base. One of the amazing benefits of vinyl tiles is installing them on the existing floor without ripping off the subbase flooring. Hence, cutting down your labour cost.  Its wear layer will add some resistance to stains but require a cleaning routine to maintain durability. 

Luxury Vinyl Sheets

Luxury Vinyl Sheets are another popular type of vinyl tile flooring in Singapore. It is composed of softer material as compared to vinyl tiles. It is less-scratch resistance due to the material composition. It comes in rolls of different sizes and requires careful installation. It is recommended to hire a professional for installation to avoid visible seams on the floor. Unlike vinyl tiles, it requires a smoother subfloor. 

It is more water-resistant than Luxury Vinyl tiles as water can seep into the tiles’ corners and reach the base. Vinyl sheets are more suitable for places with moisture and the possibility of spills or stains. You can find aesthetic designs in vinyl sheets resembling woodwork and stone and the newest textures and designs. If there is any damage to the vinyl sheet, you have you replace the whole roll, which can be costly. Hence, it requires more careful maintenance.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

As the name suggests, this vinyl flooring in Singapore is in the form of planks. It has a resemblance to classical wooden plank flooring. They are an excellent replacement for wooden floors, in an affordable budget, and have more benefits. Their added layers enhance durability and protection against tear, water and scratches. 

One of the greater benefits of luxury vinyl planks is the options for installation. You can install the vinyl planks in two ways. One is typically a glued-down option. Another way to install vinyl plank is through a floating tongue and glue option. Some vinyl planks are engineered to resemble a grainy wooden texture that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the floor. 


Vinyl flooring in Singapore is becoming common for both commercial and residential areas. Its affordability with greater benefits has made it popular among homemakers. You can find stunning and versatile-realistic designs that significantly enhance your home look. It is perfect for heavy traffic areas and has a soft underfoot feel. If you are looking for something trendy, vinyl flooring is your option.

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