Vinyl Strip Flooring

How to Preserve and Maintain Vinyl Strip Flooring

Our fast-paced life has led us to look for quick and easy fixes. We want to have things that do not require complicated maintenance. Coming back from hectic work, you don’t want to put extra energy into maintaining the house. It can be daunting to see stains and spills on the floor. If your flooring is neat, your house will have a clean look. This is one of the reasons why people opt for Vinyl Flooring in Singapore. There are three main types with the difference in composition of materials. It has numerous benefits that have made it a popular flooring choice. One of them is easy to maintain. If you have Vinyl Strip Flooring, here is a complete guide on preserving and maintaining your floor the right way. 

Why is it Important to Main Vinyl Strip Flooring

Unlike other flooring types like ceramic tiles, Vinyl strip flooring can be delicate. It is undoubtedly easy to maintain and clean, but it requires certain care to ensure durability and economic investment. Poor maintenance can cause vinyl strip flooring to lose its shine and appear dull. Vinyl flooring is not fully scratch resistant. It can get unpleasant scratches that can affect the overall look of your house. And you don’t want to hide them with unnecessary furniture. It will end up making your house look congested. It cannot be repaired and is difficult to remove. 

What Makes Maintaining Vinyl Flooring Easy?

Vinyl flooring comprises various layers that are sandwiched to create vinyl flooring types. It consists of vinyl backing, embosses, photographic film, and wear or protective layers. The wear layer of vinyl flooring does not require wax, making it easier to maintain. Some might have an acrylic finish to enhance the shine. Vinyl strip flooring gives a false shine that helps people assume that the shine is from cleanliness. The addition of an acrylic finish is recommended for scratch-prone areas to add a protective layer to the flooring. 

How to Clean Vinyl Strip Flooring

Unlike other flooring types, Vinyl flooring in Singapore requires a certain cleaning routine to avoid damage and boost longevity. Here is what you need to know about the Vinyl Strip flooring cleaning routine.

How to Maintain Vinyl Strip Flooring Singapore

- Welcome Your Guest Through Doormat

The shoes from the outside can carry dust, dirt, or mud that can immediately leave muddy footprints on the floor. Place a doormat so whoever comes can brush off maximum dirt before stepping onto your beautiful vinyl strip flooring.

- Dry Clean Your Vinyl Floor Daily

For long-lasting results, it is recommended to daily dry clean your floor. You can vacuum or use a broom will do great. The airbrush attachment of the vacuum is the perfect fit to clean your vinyl floor gently. It will help in avoiding scratches on the floor. Your cleaning utensils must have soft bristles to prevent damage.

It also depends upon the need for cleaning and stains. Daily cleaning will reduce your energy to scrub off stains. 

- Use Gentle Cleaners or DIY Cleaners

In case of stains on the floor, you will need to wet clean the floor. Make sure you do not use fancy cleaners that can be harsh on the floor. The use of strong cleaners can fade the color and texture of your vinyl flooring. Instead of a shinier floor, you will end up with a discolored floor. Understand the type of vinyl flooring. Is it waxed or non-waxed? You can get specific cleaners according to the flooring type. Soaps and cleaners must be removed completely, or you will get soap stains on the floor. If you require to scrub the floor, never scrub it with steel wool.

A DIY cleaner is to use apple cider vinegar diluted in water. It is crucial to mix it with water to reduce the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar, or it can be proven harsh for your vinyl flooring. This DIY cleaner can remove stains without soap foaming. 

- Use Padded Furnitures

Vinyl flooring can be delicate towards heavy furniture. It tends to get dents from the shape edges and ending of furniture. It is advised to add a pad to the end of the furniture to protect the floor from possible dents. Also, you must not place heavy furniture right after vinyl floor installation. It needs time to set completely. You can place the furniture after a day or two. 

- Clean Up Spills Immediately

Another great tip is to clean up any spill immediately. Do not let it air dry that can require harsh scrubbing to remove the stains. Households with pets or children are more prone to such situations. It might seem tiring at first, but eventually, you will become habitual of cleaning immediately. Moreover, it is easier to clean up at that moment than later when the stains become harder. You will not have to worry about scrub damaging your floor.

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