Korean Vinyl Flooring

Korean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring option in Singapore. Its numerous benefits have beaten choice preferences over other flooring types. If you are looking for a flooring alternative with less investment and greater functionalities, vinyl flooring is the best suitable option. You can find various qualities and types of vinyl flooring. The type of material and quality assured manufacturing can increase the durability of vinyl flooring. Besides Belgium Vinyl FlooringKorean Vinyl flooring has become a favourite pick among people. With added value and improvised technological use, vinyl flooring has become better for flooring. 

What is Korean Vinyl Flooring

While reading the term Korean, you must be wondering how different it is from regular vinyl flooring? It is simply the production and manufacturing of vinyl flooring in Korea or Korean material products. Its exceptional functionality and properties have made it preferable over other vinyl floorings. If you are new to Korean vinyl flooring, you need to know about it.

Korean Vinyl Flooring Singapore

What Makes Korean Vinyl Flooring Different?

Once you learn about its irresistible benefits, you will surely search for a vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore. They are of premium quality with the finest finishing. Here are some functionalities that make Korean vinyl flooring different from regular ones.

Added Layer for Strength and Protection

Korean Vinyl flooring contains five basic layers. These layers are merged, creating durable and long-lasting flooring. It consists of a rigid backing layer to support the upper layers. Next comes the vinyl core layer using premium quality PVC. A decorative film layer is added on the top of the vinyl layer. With the advancement of printing and designing, we have a variety of decorative designs in vinyl flooring. Two protective layers of wear and UV coating strengthen the Korean vinyl flooring

No-Slip Property

A major concern for parents is choosing a safe floor for their children and pets. Korean vinyl flooring provides a no-slip functionality. Yes, you will not have to worry about possible injuries. It is an exceptional feature that is rarely available in regular vinyl flooring. The wear layer is known to protect from slips or falls. It has a comparatively lower formaldehyde emission, making it safer for young ones. 

Fire - Resistant​

Flooring like carpets is known to catch fire, risking the safety of the people. Korean vinyl flooring manufacturers use poor heat conducting materials to ensure safety and security. It is perfect for places like the kitchen with the major use of a stove and oven. 

Termite - Proof​

When wood is used in floor material making, it becomes prone to termites. Later, it can significantly reduce the durability of the flooring. You will have to invest again to refloor. Using Korean Vinyl flooring will prevent termites as no wood material is used in its construction. 

Easy Installation

We all want a flooring option that does not require professional labour work. Korean vinyl flooring offers easy installation, reducing labour costs. You just have to fit interlocking snaps with built-in grout, and you are good to go. This feature of Korean vinyl tiles makes them stand out from the rest. 

Water - Proof and Sound Resistance

Korean vinyl flooring is great for places with moisture and water exposure. The multiple layers of vinyl flooring make it an excellent water resistor. It provides stable structural support to the floor. It has dimensional stability making it soundproof. You will not be annoyed by the sound of footsteps taken by everyone. It provides a softer underfoot, making it comfortable and natural to walk on. 

UV Resistant

One of the major concerns about flooring is discoloration. Extreme heat or the use of strong cleaners can affect the upper layer of the flooring. On the other hand, Korean vinyl flooring provides a UV-resistant layer to avoid discoloration or faded patches on the floor. 


People are looking for vinyl flooring suppliers due to the increase in the demand for Korean vinyl flooring. The quality products used in the careful manufacturing of Korean vinyl tiles make them stand out. These products are made in Korea and are imported and sold through various flooring stores and outlets. You can find various styles and textures in Korean Vinyl flooring. The flooring industry continuously improvises its technology to enhance flooring quality and add more benefits to the customer’s use. 

You can connect with a flooring supplier to get flooring guidance on a suitable type of Korean Vinyl Flooring for your house. 

Korean Vinyl Flooring

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